Dora The Explorer

Dora The Explorer


Dora the Explorer is continuing to be a favourite this Christmas.... Every little girl dreams of adventures with their favourite girl explorer Dora The Explorer who opens up their imagination.

Dora The Explorer is the ideal Christmas present for every girl. Dora the Explorer features the adventures of a young girl Dora, with a can do attitude, her friend Monkey Boots, her Backpack and other animated friends. Dora is a bilingual communicator who can speak with all of the critters and humans.

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Dora The Explorer is a fun television character that provides preschoolers and young children with opportunities to learn through play.

Dora The Explorer toys and videos are fun while developing your child’s mind and imagination and also helps your child to learn problem solving.

During her many adventures they travel over rivers and mountains to reach their destination. Dora gets help from her trusty talking backpack during these amazing adventures which is full of necessary items and her map, which illustrates the obstacles between Dora and her goal. Reaching their destination Dora and Boots break out in song and dance, exclaiming "We did it, we did it!"


Join Dora The Explorer on all her adventures and bring fun and imagination into your child's play. Just imagine the ultimate Dora The Explorer experience with your very own Dora The Explorer Furniture!

Dora is definitely one of the
hottest toys of Christmas .



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