zhu zhu pets interactive hamster toys

Zhu Zhu Pets Interactive Hamster Pets...
Christmas Gifts For Boys and Girls 2012


Top gifts for boys and girls are expected to sell out quickly this Christmas....Kids love these gorgeous Zhu Zhu Pets which make the ideal kids gift ideas which brings hours of fun and entertainment.


Kids love the popular Interactive toy pets. Zhu Zhu Pets Interactive Plush Hamster Toys.   Each Hamster has their own set of over 40 sound effects, squeaks, chirps etc. and move around on their own. 

Used in their playsets these interactive hamsters brings hours of entertainment and enjoyment.   Keeps your childs imagination growing through play and interaction.


These are just some of the different functions your favorite pet creates: they coo and chirp, go backwards, and another button causes them to "go" and to "sleep", which is also the off mode.

Chunk is the laid back surfer dude of the Zhu Zhu Hamsters.

Pipsqueek loves curiosity and adventure.

Mr. Squiggles is the finicky hamster who's been there, done that.

And of course....The friend you can depend on and everyones favourite is Num Nums.


As well as these favourites....                         

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Toy Moo

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Toy Jilly with Clip On Dress & Tiara

Zhu Zhu Pets Rock Star Hamster - Roxie Pink Long Hair

Zhu Zhu Pets Rocksters Hamster Toy Pax Long Hair




Top Gifts For Boys and Girls  For Christmas Includes These
Best Sellers Xmas Gift Zhu Zhu Pets....

>>Zhu Zhu Pets Interactive Plush Hamster Toys Gift Ideas For Xmas<<



Zhu Zhu Pets Interactive Plush Hamster Toys








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